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  • This motorcycle ministry (M/M) will be from this date forward called BLACK SHEEP: Harley-Davidsons for Christ.
  • Membership into Black Sheep is open to all Christians from all churches professing Jesus Christ as Lord. (See "Statement of Faith" for further details.)
  • All local officers are in a voluntary position for which no remuneration will be paid.
  • All local elections shall be decided by a majority vote of the membership. Elections should be held every twelve months.

Motorcycle Ministry Patches:

    • Our patches are a combination of browns, golds and black; similar to that of Harley Owner's Group.
    • Anything with the patch displayed will be sold to and worn only by members (including jewelry, t-shirts and head gear.)
    • Patches remain the property of the local chapter and must be surrendered by any member leaving the ministry for any reason.
    • Our patches are worn to all official rides and functions. (We encourage you to wear your patches whenever you ride.)
    • Patches will never be defended with violence.
    • Patches are never to be left unattended on a bike or anywhere else.
    • Unlike some clubs, Black Sheep HDFC makes no distinction between male and female with respect to patches being worn or membership status.
    • Patches should not be worn while driving or riding in a vehicle. They may, however, be transported and worn later at their destination.
    • Black Sheep makes no distinction between men and women in terms of membership, holding office or the wearing of patches.
    • Patch Ettiquet:

Hundreds are now wearing a beautiful brown, black and gold patch. Wear them knowing that when you do, you represent Jesus Christ and hundreds of other Black Sheep members around the country. Let these patches remind you of your Christian witness and attitude on the road.

Be careful to obey all traffic laws (speed). Remain respectful to law enforcement (no matter what). Never drink alcohol while wearing this patch. Be courteous and helpful to all others on the road. Never engage in a “road rage” or angry exchange while riding and wearing your colors.

The large patch will be central on the back of your vest (leather or denim) while the small patch will be worn on the front left shoulder. Other patches ( i.e. H.O.G.) may be worn on your vest but the Black Sheep patches must be prominent and in the proper place. Other pins and patches which do not represent Christ well, (i.e. of a vulgar or sensual nature), must never be worn on this vest.

Do not deviate from the above explanation of patch placements.

Cut out your patch from the fabric about one-quarter to one-half inch away from the stitched border, leaving enough room for the patch to be sewn onto your vest. Vests may be black, brown or denim.

While patches must be worn to all official functions and on all official rides, we encourage you to wear your patches whenever you ride as a witness for Christ and this ministry. They are a highly visible and effective witnessing tool!

In the case of the arched/rocker "Jesus is Lord" patch or any other patches, it is critical that you always avoid the appearance of a three piece patch (reserved for M/C's)

Remember! Though you have bought and paid for these patches, they remain the property of Black Sheep: Harley-Davidsons for Christ and will be recalled should you ever leave this ministry for any reason. Every patch represents each one of us. The standard of Jesus Christ and His Word, as well as our bylaws will be upheld.

  • Membership fees are $99 per operator (includes patches) and $84 annual dues or $7 monthy dues. The membership fees for a spouse are $49 and dues are $60 annually or $5 monthly.

New Chapters:

  • A new chapter may be formed when
    • A visionary leader with the necessary time and commitment comes forth
    • A minimum of four members are present who will hold the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.
    • Said chapter has been approved and released by the national office.
  • Chapters may be developed by one or more of the following scenarios
    • An existing chapter has grown and is currently challenged by the geographical diversity of its members and therefore a second chapter is born by the mother chapter.
    • If there are members interested in starting a new chapter but are too far removed from any existing chapters

National Newsletter:

  • The National Ministry will publish a monthly newsletter as well as promotional and witnessing materials.

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