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Rules of Membership


Abbreviated Summary

of Rules


A. Membership is open to anyone...

  1. Who is a practicing Christian, who embraces our statement of faith and our values.
  2. Who regularly attends his or her local church.
  3. Who owns and operates an American V-twin motorcycle or is the spouse of said person. (Membership will not be granted to boyfriends, girlfriends or fiancées.) .
  4. Who maintains a current and valid motorcycle license and motorcycle insurance.
  5. Who is 18 years of age or older.
  6. Who completes an application and renders all necessary fees after...
  7. ...completing the Mentoring Program and is recommended for membership by their mentor.
  8. A member may receive a “retired status” when they are no longer able to ride due to age, poor health or injuries (not simply quit). Retired members will not pay dues, will not vote or hold office 
  9.  The widow or widower of a deceased member may remain a member  (even if they do not own or operate a motorcycle) so long as they maintain all other rules of membership. They will no longer be required to pay annual dues. They may not vote or hold office.

B. Black Sheep members may belong to other motorcycle organizations with the following understanding:

         1. The Black Sheep patch is the primary patch and will be worn to all BSHDFC official events.

         2. The other organization(s) is not in conflict with Black Sheep’s faith, values, bylaws or mission.

         3. The other organization(s) is not another Christian motorcycle organization of similar purpose.

         4. Members may join other auxiliary motorcycle organizations such as AMA,  ABATE, Patriot Guard,   etc. Such patches should be on the back of the vest.  Re: HOG and LOH patches see #7 below.

         5. Since we are an international organization, we are unable to “support” any MC and our members will not wear any form of a “support” patch or colors. To do so would alienate us from other MC’s. 

         6. Since Harley Owners Group is our primary focus and mission, the HOG and LOH patch may be worn on the front/RIGHT side of the Black Sheep vest.

         7. Though it is not required, we stronglyencourage every Black Sheep member to be a national and local member of Harley-Owners Group and to support their local HOG   chapter.

8. While Black Sheep need to be involved with their local HOG chapters and may serve in a variety of ways, we ask that they NOT serve as primary officers (director, asst. director, secretary or treasurer.) This is to protect the effectiveness of that Black Sheep member and their chapter should and when “drama” erupts in the local HOG chapter.

C. Alcoholic beverages will never be consumed on any Black Sheep function or ride.

D. Public drunkenness of a member (in or out of the patch) will never be tolerated.

E. The known use of illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription drugs by members will not be tolerated. Members, while riding, shall not use any kind of drug, legal or otherwise, that may compromise their ability to operate a motorcycle.

F. Persistent vulgarity, off-color humor and promiscuous behavior by members will not be tolerated.

G. Violence and/or threats of any kind by a member will not be tolerated.

H. Members will not wear or display anything that is dishonoring to Christ.

I. Weapons:

  1. Members of Black Sheep, in and out of their patches, will be allowed to carry a concealed firearm when and where it is legal to do so.
  2. Members of Black Sheep, while wearing their patches or in ministry service, will not “open carry” or expose firearms even when it is legal by state law. To do so would create a greater opportunity for harm than good.
  3. Members of Black Sheep may carry a fixed blade or folding knife on their belt so long as the blade does not exceed 6”.
  4. Members of Black Sheep, while wearing their patches or in ministry service, will not expose or carry anything which may be misconstrued as a weapon. (Common gang weapons include: hammers, screwdrivers, large flashlights, numb chucks, brass knuckles, etc.)  Use common sense.


J. Homosexuality and promiscuous heterosexual behavior will not be tolerated within our membership. Our members will either be single and celibate or legally married to one of the opposite sex. (BSHDFC recognizes marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman.)

K. Members who are consistently absent from participation in BSHDFC chapter rides and meetings will be contacted by the local president to determine whether or not they should remain a part of this ministry.

L. Members selling their American v-twin (with no intention of replacing it in the very near future) or choosing a non-American v-twin for their primary ride, will no longer be eligible for membership. If a member has several motorcycles, one or more being metric, the Black Sheep member will ride their American v-twin to all official Black Sheep gatherings. (Such a restriction will not be imposed upon a patched spouse who may ride something other than an American v-twin.)

M. Members who do not communicate with or cannot be reached by local, regional or national leadership for a period of six months or more will be suspended from membership and designated as MIA.

The intent of these rules is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to clarify what some Christians may consider to be gray areas. It is not the intent of this ministry to become sectarian or legalistic regarding Christian behavior. We simply insist on our members representing Christ well in an otherwise ungodly world.


A. The colors on our patch are a combination of browns, golds and black; similar to that of Harley Owners Group.

B. Anything with the patch displayed will be sold to and worn only by members. (Exceptions may include ride pins, coffee mugs, etc.)

C. Additional small (or front) patches may be purchased to be sewn on the left front of a jacket. Do not put these patches on chaps, hats, bike saddles, sissy bars, Bible covers, etc. 

D. Patches (all sets; front and back) will always remain the property of the international organization and will be returned when leaving this ministry for any reason.

E. Patches are to be worn to all official rides and functions. (We encourage you to wear your patch whenever you ride.)

F. Patches will never be defended with violence. (If you are requested by an M/C to remove your patch, you will do so without further discussion or attitude. This is for your safety and the safety of our members around the world.)

G. Patches will not be worn while driving or riding in a car or truck. They may, however, be transported and worn later at their destination.

H. Please do NOT use the Black Sheep patch as your icon or profile photo on social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc. To do so implies that you speak for everyone in the ministry. You may, however, use a photo of yourself wearing the patch, but not so “close up” that all that is seen is the patch.

I. Patches are always to be treated with respect: never to be left hanging on a bike or on the back of a chair, tossed on the floor or otherwise mistreated. To store a patch in a saddlebag, fold it inside out.

J. Black Sheep makes no distinction between men and women in terms of membership, holding office or the wearing of a patch.

Applications, Fees and Dues

A. The application fee for new members will be a one time charge of $99 for the one and an additional $49 for a spouse; be they a passenger or rider/operator These fees will include: membership processing, the issuance of one set of patches each, taxes and shipping.

B. Monthly dues are $7.00 for each member or $12 per couple and need to be collected at each month, beginning on the members anniversary date. Electronic payments are preferred. Dues may be paid annually instead of monthly: $84 per person or $144 per couple. Monthly payments, however, help with cash flow throughout the year.”

Our Pledge

“I am compelled by the Spirit of God to unite with

Black Sheep; Harley-Davidsons for Christ.

I understand this is a MISSION and that I am now a MISSIONARY.

I understand that H.O.G. is our primary mission field ,

but that we will share the love of Christ with any who will listen.

I understand this is a ministry in which I serve

and not a club to which I merely belong.

I commit, therefore, to be involved and active in my local chapter

to the best of my ability.

I commit to grow daily in my walk with Christ and His Word.

I commit to support and attend my local church regularly.

I will submit to my Black Sheep leaders and pray for them often.

I will submit to the spirit of our Statement of Faith and Bylaws.

I commit to speak the truth in love, forgive when wronged and

never participate in gossip or divisive behavior, for we are the body of Christ.

I commit to serve, sacrifice, give, listen, love and ride in the name of Christ,

so help me God!

I am a Black Sheep; different and set apart for Christ and His Kingdom.

May God give us favor in our mission and keep us safe as we ride.

To Him be all of the glory, amen.”

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