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ride to_eat

Black Sheep Harley-Davidsons for Christ was established to support and reach out to the Harley Owner’s Group® in 1999 in response to a growing desire by Harley® riding Christians for a way to share their passion for the Lord while riding. Black Sheep chapters are now in 20 states and counting.

Where will this ministry go? Only God knows for sure, but with lots of new brothers and sisters joining every week, people are making new friendships that help spread the good news of Christ while strengthening and supporting H.O.G members and chapters along the way. So if you are considering being a part of a ministry where you get to ride, meet Christian brothers and sisters, and be an effective missionary for God’s Word, then Black Sheep may be for you.

Download the Membership Application and send it to the chapter president to begin your Black Sheep membership.


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